Getting Clear. Staying True.

When Jennifer Johannesen (business owner/author who built this website) and I talked about leadership coaching, she used these words to describe her experience of coaching: Getting Clear, Staying True.

It struck me so powerfully that this is the essence of coaching. Of course, coaching is more — it’s a powerful relationship with a sounding board, a mirror, a challenger, a cheerleader. And yet at it’s core, what we’re doing in coaching is getting clear and staying true.

When I coach leaders, executives, business owners, individuals — the work we do together is about getting clear – and about staying true. With powerful questions, we get much more clear about what you want to achieve and what’s important about it for you.

Coaching can lead you to greater clarity whether it’s about how you want to engage your team in a new project or what your next step will be in a complex situation or what your vision of success looks like and how to move forward to get there or what impact you want to have as a leader on the people around you.

And then comes the hard part — and the rewarding part: staying true. Staying true when the circumstances around you make it tough to stay on course. Staying true when the habitual voices in your head intrude to share their thoughts that can throw you off track. Staying true when others don’t share your vision or throw roadblocks in front of you. Staying true to the actions you’re committed to take, even when they’re difficult.

The difference when you have a coach, is that you have someone who hears past those voices, reframes and challenges you to overcome those roadblocks when they look like larger-than-life, believes in your abilities when you doubt them and holds you accountable for doing what you said you would do.

What’s your experience of coaching? Does ‘Getting Clear. Staying True’ resonate for you?

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