A Values refresher from Jim Collins – Good to Great:

It’s likely been a while since you read Good to Great. As a leadership coach, I appreciate his emphasis and perspective on values…

“First, you cannot “set” organizational values, you can only discover them. Nor can you “install” new core values into people. Core values are not something people “buy in” to. People must be predisposed to holding them.

Executives often ask me, “How do we get people to share our core values?” You don’t. Instead, the task is to find people who are already predisposed to sharing your core values. You must attract and then retain these people and let those who aren’t predisposed to sharing your core values go elsewhere.”

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What are your values as a Leader?

What are your team’s values? What would look different on your team if you acted with a focus on shared core values?

What are your organization’s values? What would change in your business if you aligned action more closely with core values?

I invite you to reflect on these questions – and share your thoughts…


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