Do more vs. do better

Reminded today about this quote from Seth Godin’s blog

The easiest form of management is to encourage or demand that people do more. The other translation of this phrase is to go faster.
The most important and difficult form of management (verging on leadership) is to encourage people to do better.
Better is trickier than more because people have trouble visualizing themselves doing better. It requires education and coaching and patience to create a team of people who are better.

In the push to scale and deliver, sometimes we must do more as a short-term measure. But the real key to scaling is how can we do it better? As a team.

Taking the team to the next level of capability requires as Seth says – “education and coaching and patience”. As the leader, that starts with visualizing “better”. What vision do you have of “better”? What are the outcomes? What resources do you have to create “better”? What wisdom can the team bring to be better?

Holding these conversations, perhaps with some coaching guidance, will lead your team to a shared understanding of “better”, create alignment (not agreement) with the direction, and identify specific actions needed to achieve the better outcomes.

Do better!

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