Scaling the unkown to reach a $100 million dream

Brian Scudamore had both a dream and a deadline that scaled his business far beyond his first $1 million to over $100 million. What I loved about this brief Profit magazine article is the power of this leader’s vision to galvanize himself and his team into action.  He does a couple of key things.

First he dreamed. To do that, he took himself out of the business — in fact his visions started “on the dock at his parent’s cottage”. Stepping out of the day to day and renewing himself – both key dimensions of successful leadership – allowed him to really dream big. Dock on LakeHow often do you take the time to step back, renew & dream about what’s next? Do you do this with your team? What will you say ‘no’ to, in order to create the time and space to do this?

Then he shares the dream — right down to ‘hugging Oprah’. It becomes clear who on the team has the willingness to scale to his vision and who cannot. If they don’t share your vision – and your values, let them go. And then focus, as Brian did, on working it out with those who share the dream.

The team members who shared his vision were committed to finding a way through the unknown to build the dream. Who on your team is committed to walking through the unknown? Once you know, support them to grow their capacity and skills. Who else do you need on your team to help you navigate the unknown?  Support them to integrate into your team culture.

These are key decisions and actions because having the right people, and supporting their development through the ‘unknown’ is always a critical factor in how to get somewhere when the dream is big!

Please join the conversation with your thoughts on scaling the unkown to reach the dream ….

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