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Cheryl is a business leader and coach with deep experience in science, technology and creativity-based businesses. Her greatest reward is growing people and their businesses. Her modus operandi is to listen deeply, challenge relevantly and believe unflinchingly in her clients' potential.
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Do more vs. do better

Reminded today about this quote from Seth Godin’s blog The easiest form of management is to encourage or demand that people do more. The other translation of this phrase is to go faster. The most important and difficult form of management (verging on leadership) is to encourage people to do better. Better is trickier than […]

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Scaling the unkown to reach a $100 million dream

Brian Scudamore had both a dream and a deadline that scaled his business far beyond his first $1 million to over $100 million. What I loved about this brief Profit magazine article is the power of this leader’s vision to galvanize himself and his team into action.  He does a couple of key things. First […]

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Straightjacket or springboard? What kind of leader are you?

I was reminded recently what a former employee said: the direction I provided to the team was more like a ‘Springboard’ than a ‘Straightjacket’. Just picture it. A springboard – launching possibilities. A straightjacket – tying people’s hands and keeping them under control. As I reflect on it now I see it as a great […]

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A Values refresher from Jim Collins – Good to Great:

It’s likely been a while since you read Good to Great. As a leadership coach, I appreciate his emphasis and perspective on values… “First, you cannot “set” organizational values, you can only discover them. Nor can you “install” new core values into people. Core values are not something people “buy in” to. People must be […]

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Getting Clear. Staying True.

When Jennifer Johannesen (business owner/author who built this website) and I talked about leadership coaching, she used these words to describe her experience of coaching: Getting Clear, Staying True. It struck me so powerfully that this is the essence of coaching. Of course, coaching is more — it’s a powerful relationship with a sounding board, […]

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