We’ve worked in, coached and consulted with leaders in technology, science and creativity-based organizations.

Alex Rebanks & Associates, Architects
Cyanamid Canada
DICKEY-john (electronics)
Healthlink Technologies
HP Technologies
Managed Objects
Monsanto Canada
Public Health Ontario
Stanton & Sylvester Ltd.
The Research Doctor
Underline Studio

What clients have to say

Cheryl would listen to a problem and crack open a new perspective by asking a single powerful world-flipping question. She was very sensitive to my personal strengths/style while holding me accountable to getting out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed working with her and would hire her again.
David Bolter, Accessibility Engineering Manager, Mozilla Corporation


“Cheryl Sylvester a trusted and experienced executive coach, and a very successful leader and entrepreneur herself. She coached several people in my software engineering organization at Novell to develop their leadership capacity, building strong and supportive relationships with the coachees. With her coaching, these managers and directors developed their awareness of self and others, emotional intelligence and team leadership skills. Cheryl was also helpful to me as an informal advisor and mentor.”
Israel Ben-Ishai, VP Engineering, Novell/PlateSpin


“A great coach gets you to accomplish things you didn’t know you could. That’s Cheryl.
She helped me articulate the top challenges I faced and what was most important to me, my team, customers and company. With her help, I was able to see a greater range of possibilities and act beyond my usual habits. Having Cheryl in my corner made a big difference to my group’s success with PlateSpin and Novell.”
Beno Tompa, Director Software Development, PlateSpin (Novell), netIQ