Coaching Services

Our services include – One:One Executive & Leadership Coaching, Team Development Coaching, Workshops & Learning Sessions, Group Coaching. Our work can include foundational assessments to present a picture of current status, such as Assess/Assess 360 and Team Diagnostic Assessments.

One to One

When would you hire a Leadership Coach?
Leadership coaching can be a powerful part of ongoing leadership development for greater effectiveness as a leader at any point in a leader’s development.
Many businesses support their leaders in more specific situations, such as:

  • Leading in a new leadership role
  • Leading structural or process changes in the organization
  • On-boarding new leaders from outside the organization
  • Leading improvements in under-performing teams

What does Leadership Coaching look like in action?

Coaching is a powerful relationship & series of conversations to gain clarity and sustain momentum toward achieving agreed upon goals – including self-awareness, behaviour change.

  • One:One meetings with client over a planned period of time, qith one of our professionally certified coaches with expertise in various business, public and not-for-profit sectors, based on availability, fit with client, and location.
  • Self-assessment – at the beginning of the coaching process, clients are invited to bring any existing assessments and/or provided with a self-assessment to consider personal strengths and work-related successes and challenges as a starting point.
  • Assess/Assess 360 – where it will benefit the client, we are authorized to use the Assess/Assess 360 assessment tool to add a more full perspective on work-related competencies, personality and behaviors. Other assessment tools – our coaches are authorized to use various foundational assessments to deepen self-understanding, as a path to understanding and leading others.


When would you hire a Team Development Coach? When you want to create a sustainable, high-performing team. Research into sustainable, high-performing teams shows that less than 10% of teams are operating at high levels of both productivity and positivity* — which is what makes a team sustainable.
Team coaching can create high-performing teams in newly forming teams, cross-functional teams, project teams. With Team Coaching typically teams experience improvements in:

  • Trust
  • Alignment
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Other performance improvements

What does Team Development Coaching look like in action?

Co-facilitated by authorized Team Coaches to build stronger team vision, relationships, accountability and performance. Structured team workshops, and follow-up team coaching sessions. Typically engagements last several months to a year or more.

Team Diagnostics assessment – a full team measurement of 14 dimensions of productivity and positivity. With full participation from team members, the assessment creates a starting point for team dialogue and coaching. We recommend the diagnostic assessment be repeated to measure team progress at a relevant point in the future.

We work with the whole team as a ‘system’, not just a group of individuals. Team members are accountable – and supported – for the system they are creating together.

Group Coaching

Growing, together. Growing together.Group Coaching can provide organizations with a cadre of leaders who are growing individually, at the same time, and growing together as a group.  The shared learnings, and relationship building deliver value to the individuals and the organization.
Typically, Group Coaching programs encompass a combination Workshop-Coaching program for leaders at similar stages of career development.  Group coaching sessions can be complimented by one:one coaching sessions for successful implementation of learning.

What does Group Coaching look like in action?

  • Taking the Leap into Leadership – for First Level Managers

Customizable coaching /workshop topics can include:

  • Common challenges in the transition to leadership
  • Developing self-awareness as a path to understanding & leading others
  • Listening & Communications Skills
  • Higher Level Leadership – for Emerging Leaders (Sr. Managers & Director Level)

Customizable Coaching/workshop topics:

  • What’s the view from here?
  • Managing managers
  • Importance and Influence of peer relationships
  • Multiple Stakeholder perspectives
  • Communications skills
  • Deepening self-awareness for building more effective relationships.